JD Snyder - Solo Acoustic Performer

JD Snyder in Black Rock HarborJD began playing as a solo acoustic performer in 1990 at Captains Cove Seaport in Connecticut. At his very first gig, he was approached by two different club owners during the first intermission to book him at their respective clubs. Since then, he has traversed thru the Chesepeake Bay area and on down to Nashville, Tennessee.
You can currently spot him performing at any number of yacht clubs and restaurants on the Fairfield County coastline.
His repetoire includes country with some classic rock and pop, with a focus on the music from the sixties and seventies. You may even catch a few demented originals but only if the kids are packed away and the kegs are half empty!

JD Snyder - The Songwriter

“Back in 1995, I left Bridgeport and headed south. I had the opportunity to play with some great musicians. Mickey Basil, who played piano for Kenny Rogers, Barbara Mandrell and Randy Travis, was instrumental in convincing me to go to Nashville..
If anyone would ever want to make it as a songwriter in country music, then Nashville is the only place to be. I walked in with a sh*tload of songs I'd done and was ready to hit the big time. Hahahaha. So was every cab driver in town... and every waitress...and bartender.... counter clerk....car salesman..........
The cold, hard facts?..... you're more likely to be struck by lightning TWICE than to make it in country music. Despite having two of my songs put on hold for Confederate Railroad and Ken Mellons (both subsequently lost their recording contracts), the writing was on the wall...
After returning to my hometown with no regrets, I decided to abandon the pursuit of writing commercial country songs. Probably a good move on my part.... have you heard the new stuff that's out there these days? Garbage!!!! I wanted to write fun stuff that made people laugh. Stuff about corrupt politicians, not-so-tender love songs, cotton ponies...... you can find some snippets here.
I've gotten airplay on a few radio stations.... Imus played my song about the corrupt mayor of Bridgeport and the one about Bernie Madoff. You may even find several of my CD's on jukeboxes there and about”

Nashville???  Hahaha.... rear view mirror!

JD Snyder - The Bands

Around 1999 or so, JD was approached by a bass playing friend, King McAlpine, who wanted to sit in on a solo gig. Before long, a third guy was added on drums and the Penfield Reefers band was born. They’re still going strong to this day, playing Classic and Southern Rock with a little Country.
Since the Reefers are primarily a summertime band, the itch was there for an off-season project…..
In late 2010, the Ghost Riders band was formed with a focus on playing country music. The GR's also incorporate some of the Reefer's rock selections if the occasion calls for it.
In late 2013, The Howlers trio was created, as a return to the
Roots Rock music, with JD switching to bass/keyboard. All 3 bands are still actively gigging in the area.

JD has also expanded his solo gigs from acoustic guitar with
vocals to keyboard/vocals as well.